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About Us

Many large pest control companies have been around a long time. Most people want to deal with a company they feel has been established in the market place for a long time. Rapid Pest Control Solutions started operations across the Front Range on May 18, 2008 after owner and Senior Service Technician Jason Flores realized pest control customers deserved a lot more than they were receiving for the price they were paying for their pest control service.

Establishing a business from the ground up was no easy task. However due to the owners Superior Customer Relationships and Dedication to the Pest Control Industry only minor adjustments needed to be made to begin business on his own.

Our growth indicates that our customers are pleased with our expertise and professionalism. Whether you having issues with wildlife or insects rodents or birds rest assure you the customer is the most important part of our business. We value each and every customer and truly look forward to making customers for life. We strive to improve our service levels on an everyday basis, constantly reviewing industry standards and creating new ideas on how to serve you the customer better.

We use nontraditional techniques from vacuuming, steam, and harborage removal. It is proven in this industry that chemicals are not the only or the safest solution so we make every attempt to minimize the use of chemicals where possible.

Ask yourself these few questions:

Have you ever seen your pest control company pick up litter that is starting to gather around your trash area?

Has your pest control company ever removed food debris from hard to reach cracks and crevices or behind appliance?

Does you pest control company explain to you in detail the service that was provided to justify the amount you are paying?

Can you schedule any pest control service you need online?

At Rapid Pest Control Solutions we always offer a low cost one-time first service to our prospective customers to make sure that we can provide service that surpasses the service you are currently receiving.

All of our contact information is available to you at all times including 24/7 phone support from a real service technician to assist with your questions not a call center or office staff that are experts in billing you not providing you pest control service.

If you would like more information about our services or a free no obligation estimate please contact us at 303.351.6440 or


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