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Bed Bug K9 Scent Detection

Rapid Pest Control Solutions is proud to be among the few K-9 bed bug detection companies in the Denver Metro area to provide highly skilled bed bugs inspection Denver residents and business can trust. Plus, our dog handler is well trained and a licensed bed bug exterminator.

We’ve been in business for 14 years and have successfully completed hundreds of bed bug inspections and exterminations throughout Colorado.

Precise detection of bed bugs along with bed bug exterminators who are members of our team!

We offer our bed bug inspection services for a fair price, and our teams are extremely well trained and skilled, as well as being certified. The teams consist of a canine bed bug inspection dog along with a professional licensed and skilled bed bug exterminator, which is a service no one else in the business here can provide!

It’s a huge advantage to have a team like this where there’s not only detection, but the services of an extermination to boot. That’s vital in getting rid of bed bugs!

When our team gets there, the handler searches the area for the bed bugs while a special trained dog sniffs out the area looking for the bed bugs, and the bed bug eggs. Together the team uses their skills and know-how to help each other find any bed bugs or eggs.

A SMALL business with – traditional values, with an effective solution to get rid of bed bugs.

Rapid Pest Control is not a franchise or part of a large regional or nationwide firm. Ava was brought to Denver, CO  when the owners saw the problems bed bugs were creating firsthand, yet really did not see a sensible, effective solution.

Ava was brought on as a great solution to bed bug issue for Colorado's property management, hospitality and transportation businesses.

Setting up your inspection for bed bugs and getting an appointment is quite simple!

If you think your home or business has gotten subjected to bed bugs, then you should find out fast! We are aware that this sort of thing stresses people out, so we are here to save the day.

We are happy to spend time with you answering your questions prior to and after the completion of your inspection. If bed bugs are detected, we are happy to provide you with ongoing support and advice on how to proceed – all at no extra cost.

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