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Have pests invaded your business?

Let us give you rapid results!

Rapid Pest Control Solutions provides our Commercial Service Treatment for businesses such as hospitals, office buildings, apartment buildings, restaurants, schools, churches, and all other types of businesses. Our pest control treatment program consists of a complete evaluation of your business by one of our qualified senior technicians. They will gather information regarding construction, existing evidence of pests, harborage areas, possible entry points and other pertinent information. Our senior technician will then customize a commercial treatment program for your property. Our goal is to get materials in contact with areas that the pests colonize. Upon request, we will furnish you with certificates of insurance, (general liability, workman’s compensation, vehicle) a list of references, and/or emergency phone numbers, and State license information.

To request a Pest Control Estimate, please call us at 303.351.6440.

What we do for your business:

  • Send an expert Service Technician to inspect and find the source of infestation
  • Recommend and provide suitable pest control and prevention procedures
  • Guarantee our work

Specifics we provide include:

  • General sanitation inspection and reporting
  • Integrated Pest Management (IPM) inspection and reporting
  • Localized treatment
  • Biting insect investigation and reporting
  • Exterior and interior insect control
  • Exterior and interior rodent control

Areas we cover include:

  • Treat Door, Window and Overhead Door frames
  • Treat in and behind bathroom and/or kitchen cabinets, including pipes
  • Treat areas where decks, patios, or steps come up against the outer siding
  • Treat the exterior of your business
  • Treat behind rain gutters and beneath roof shingles
  • Treat wall voids
  • Treat up and under the siding around the building

What’s included in our Commercial Service Treatment?

  • Initial service: Rapid Pest Control Solutions will correct the existing pest problems as soon as possible.
  • Regular scheduled service: Rapid Pest Control Solutions will provide a regularly scheduled maintenance program coordinated in a manner to cause minimal disruption to normal business activities.
  • Additional service calls: Should additional service calls be required between normal scheduled visits for any of the pests covered under this agreement, you will only pay on a per job basis, usually a very minimal trip charge.
  • Pesticides used: The chemicals utilized for control purposes are approved by the appropriate regulatory agencies and are applied in a manner consistent with product labeling.


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